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50 amazing and unique gift ideas to please your Wife

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50 amazing and unique gift ideas to please your Wife
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50 amazing and unique gift ideas to please your wife :

Gift is not just only an item you offer but away to express your love. The way you can feel others special is by giving gifts .It is also not necessary that you give gift on any special occasion, but you can make moment special with the help of token of love .When you are giving something willing without wanting anything in return. Most special bond is bond of love between husband and wife as both lives through so many things together-happiness, sadness, fights, and caresses .This unconditional must be expressed with the help of gifts. Here is a list of gifts that you can give to your wife or girlfriend.

  1. Finger ring – Finger ring is a gift that will make her feel special and happy. It is always token of love as it is given on engagement and marriage day. Depending on your budget ring can be gold ring, diamond ring or a simple artificial ring. It means that it is available at every prize, but love gift must be accepted focusing on love rather than prize. It is gift which can be with her every time make her fell how much you love her.
  2. Chain pendant: Chain pendant is a gift which she will love to accept and it can always remain close to her heart. Chain pendant are also available from very high to very low prize .It is a gift that you can afford in any way .Some heart shaped pendants ,pendants with name or first alphabet of name are also easily available in market.
  3. Ear rings: Girls are always jewellery lovers. Another gift for girl can be earrings. You can give gold, diamond, pearl or platinum earrings .Traditional ear rings, matching with her dress ,that will make her look complete and more beautiful. Heart shaped ear rings or ear rings with the first letter of her name will give her special feeling. Some funky ear rings can also give her smart look.
  4. Flowers: Flowers with their pleasant smell are always symbol of love and romance. You can give her a single rose or bouquet to show your deep affection towards her. If she like, you can give her some other flowers also. No matter flowers are natural or artificial, their beauty is always enough to steal hearts. You can also go for DIY, that is you can make roses yourself as handmade roses are also beautiful. Moreover she will appreciate your efforts of making rose for her .If you choose to make rose yourself rather than simply buying from market, your gift will become unique and make her more delight.
  5. Clutch: Clutch is something that is very useful for girls as they can keep accessories and cash in it. If you want to give something useful and beautiful you can go for clutch .Many types of clutches are easily available in market, it can be simple to carry in market place or it can be party wear.
  6. Purse: Another useful gift for her is purse as it is always needed by women to keep her accessories. She will always love to carry a smart purse with her.
  7. Chocolates: Chocolates add sweetness to your relationship. If she likes, you can go for dark chocolates also. You can give a single chocolate, chocolate bouquet or chocolate basket to her.
  8. Perfume: Girls love fragrance in any way, so perfume is also one of the best gifts to show your intimacy. Wide range of perfume is easily available with different brands and scent.
  9. Love Contract: Love contract is a letter written and decorated in beautiful way. You can write a message on it and you can show her that you are with her forever. It will show your warmth of love for her.
  10. Photo print moon lamp: You can give her moon lamp with her or both of yours photo printed on it. It will look marvelous and you can find place for it in your room, so that it will always be in front of your eyes.
  11. Photo print coffee mug: If her morning will start with coffee in a mug given by you, it will give you both great feeling of attachment towards each other. Photo can be of her or couple and there can be a love massage for her to make fell joyful.
  12. Photo print cushion: Another dazzling gift you to her is photo printed cushion. If cushion is heart shaped it will be more alluring.
  13. Sunglasses: Sunglasses is a necessity to find protection from sun rays and gives a modish look. She will love to use sunglasses given by you as it shows your care for her along with your love.
  14. Bangles: Bangles are traditional and can be one of the best gift for Indian wife. Bangles are available in market with many colors and designs.
  15. Bracelet: For some girls single bracelet is better than heavy bangles to decorate their hands. Bracelets can be of gold, diamond, platinum etc. You can also opt for some different kind of bracelet like bracelet having two hearts bonded together, bracelet with name or first alphabet and bracelet with love
  16. Necklace: Necklace is always love of a girl, beauty of her neck and all-time favorite. You can give her gold, diamond, platinum or any other metal necklace depending upon your choice and your budget.
  17. Handmade cards: Handmade things always pleasing and beautiful. You can make it yourself; beautiful message written on it will symbolize your love.
  18. Watch: A voguish watch always becomes grace of hand of a lady. Watches of different brands, designs and prize are easily available in market place.
  19. Mobile phone: A gift, which is very useful and always happily accepted, is mobile phone. If you can afford, you can give her mobile phone.
  20. Ear phone: From listening music to having a talk on call, ear phone is needed. So it is a gift, which is very useful and must be appreciated.
  21. Head phone: If you want to give something which she can enjoy using, you can go for headphones. Depending on the brand there headphones are available in market at different cost.
  22. Dress: In spite of having many dresses, girls feel their collection of dress is less and if you gift her dress, she will be cheerful to receive it. You can gift her any kind of dress depending on her choice.
  23. Key chain: If you want to give something unique to your wife, you can give a key chain with extremely alluring design. A variety of key chains is available in market; you can find key chains with name or first alphabet of name. There are some key chains which symbolize love and romance between couples.
  24. Jacket: Jacket is always liked by ladies and gives them the feeling of comfort. You can also go for a jacket if you want to give something useful and comfortable.
  25. Massager: If you want to give her something, that can make her relax and show your feeling of care towards her, you can go for massager.
  26. Wooden engraved photo: Now a day’s love is not written on stones, but engraved on wooden photo frames. You can choose to give her photo or photo of both of you engraved on wooden frame; it will be a completely quirky gift from your side to your love.
  27. Jewelery box: As ladies are always in need to keep their collection of jewelry safely so that it will retain its luster for a long time, you have the choice of giving jewelry to your love. If want you make it more surprising for her, you can put some earrings, necklace, and bracelets in that box.
  28. Backpack: Backpack gives stylish look to a girl. If you are in opinion of giving something useful, stylish and trendy to your love, backpack can be an awesome gift.
  29. Water bottle: Water bottle is need of everyone especially during summers. It becomes a necessity to carry water bottle if you are going outside. So water bottle is gift which she is going to carry with her every time and will show that you care for her.
  30. Make-up kit: A girl without make-up is difficult to find. Girls are always fancier of putting make-up, so you can give her a gift for which your love will have fondness. But you must know the brand and type of make-up product which suits her.
  31. Skin care products kit: Girls have inclination for keeping their skin beautiful and bright. So she will be happy to accept this gift. For giving this gift, you must know her skin type and her choice. It will be very useful gift for her.
  32. Scarf: Trendy scarf can give stylish looks along with protection from sun rays and dirt. So scarf is a gift liked as well as needed by girl. You can give marvelous looking scarf to add to her beauty and protection.
  33. Brush set for make- up: Accessories used in make-up are always affection of ladies. Fineness of make-up always depends on type of brush one is using. You can give her make-up brush set, she will enjoy it greatly.
  34. Wind chime: The gentle tinkling sound that emanates from wind chime is very attracting and enhances the feeling of romance. If you are looking for a romantic and unique gift, you can choose wind chime.
  35. Beautiful wall calendar: Wall calendar is a gift, which make people remember easily the events. Many beautiful calendars are available in market, you can also choose calendar with message of love or customized calendar.
  36. Photo frame: Photo frames are common but always liked. You can give her photo frame with photo of her of photo of both in it.
  37. Photo chain: Photo chain looks dazzling and helps to cherish the memorable moments. You can put her favorite photos in photo chain and give surprise to your love.
  38. Message printed cushion, mug, and box: Love message is always a best gift for someone you love. You can write your feelings and get it printed on cushion, mug, and box. She will appreciate your feelings whenever she will look at it.
  39. Hair dryer: Hair dryer is something that is everyday need of a girl. You can give her hair dryer, which can be a useful gift for a girl.
  40. Hair Straightener: Girls always want to look their hairs beautiful and attracting. Hair Straightener is a gift will add to the beauty of your love.
  41. Hair gel: Make-up is never complete without fascinating hair style. You can give her hair gel to make her hairs looks extremely stylish.
  42. Anklets: Anklets make feet pretty and attractive. It is also a gift which your wife will love to accept.
  43. Cookies: If your love is a food lover, you can go for a box of cookies which she will enjoy eating.
  44. Cake: Cake with her photo or with a beautiful message for her can be a fantastic surprise for your love.
  45. Crystal: Crystals are powerful gifts as they reflect the feeling of love you have in your heart. If you are thinking to give something extremely unique, crystal is a perfect idea.
  46. Contact lenses: Contact lenses are trendy and make her eyes look gorgeous and stunning. She will like to accept this unique gift.
  47. Teddy: A teddy is always incomparable gift for someone you love. Super cuteness of teddy is extremely attracting and pretty. Moreover, teddy is always a symbol of love, so you can express your love by gifting her teddy.
  48. Shampoo and after shower gel: Set of shampoo and after shower gel is also a nice gift, as it can give stunning look to her hairs.
  49. Pen: You can choose a branded pen or a customized pen; she will like her if she is professional or like writing.
  50. Photo clock: Clock with a photo engraved on it can be one of the best gifts for your love. Whenever she will see the time, she will love to see her photo or photo of both of you. The clock is not only going to increase the adorable look of room, but also make her feel special again and again.Also check : Top 20 amazing tips to reduce weight during Summers

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