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Benefits of eating apple

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As the famous saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and this is so true. There are a lot of benefits of eating apples. The juicy and crunchy food is good to satisfy your appetite, have great taste along with a lot of health benefits. Another advantage of this fruit is that it can be consumed in any part of the day. It is advisable to take an apple after waking up as first food instead of bed tea. It can be taken in middle of work and can replace dinner. Moreover, it can be a part of desserts.

Here are some nutritional and  health benefits of eating apples:-
1. Helpful in reduction of weight.

 After consuming apple you will feel that your stomach is full. This feeling of fullness is because apple contains a lot of fibre  and water content. Since it is a low calorie density food, it may reduce the need to eat more, which in turn can reduce your intake of overall calories. Moreover, Pectin fibre reduces the absorption dietary fats. Thus, it helps in reduction of body fats.

2. Solve stomach problems and digestive issues.

Apples contain pectin fibre which is a soluble fibre. Thus, it increases the volume of stool and provides ease in movement and passing of it. Thus, if you face the problem of diarrhoea or constipation, they are really helpful.

3. Good for maintaining blood sugar level and for diabetic patients.

Although apple tastes sweet and it contains sugar but that is in form of fructose. Polyphenols slows down the rate of absorption of sugar. Therefore, intake of apple can give you nutrition and helps you to balance the sugar level. So, apples are really advisable for diabetics.

4. Apple and healthy heart.

Fibre present in apple reduces the cholesterol present in blood. Polyphenols present in apple reduces blood pressure. Thus, reduces the chance of heart strokes and other problems related to high blood pressure like damage to blood vessels, brain, eyes and kidneys.

5. Apples are beneficial in getting heathy and beautiful .

Apples contain Vitamin C which reduces the damage to skin, chances of development of wrinkles and patches on the skin. Vitamin A present in apple in form of retinoids increases the glow of the skin.


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