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Effect of COVID-19 on adolescents|How to take care of them?

by Pediabuzz
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Covid-19 pandemic has devastated life of everyone. Bringing  limitations and restrictions in almost all aspects of life from moving freely to getting along with people, this pandemic has locked us all in isolation.

Every age group has their own challenges, but the most vulnerable one is the Adolescent age. It ranges from 10 to 19 when a child hits puberty and enters adulthood. This transition period is a roller coaster ride for every individual. Continuous physical growth, hormonal changes, emotional outbreak, behavioral problems, health issues, social influence, peer pressure etc. are some of their day to day challenges.

In this lockdown situation, adolescents are finding it really difficult to cope up with their stress, anxiety, agitation, anger outburst and depressive thoughts.

They love being around with friends, because they all go through same kind of dilemma in life and so, correlate with each other. It develops some sense of confidence that they are not alone going through these emotional, social and behavioral problems. Not being able to meet with friends because of the lockdown can affect the mental well being of the child. Having nobody to share feelings, emotions, ideas, or just an exchange of conversation can lead a person to depression.

There are many families, where there is poor communication pattern among family members. They don’t allow children to speak up their ideas and problems, or simply they don’t give importance to what a child is going through.

There are also families where there’s over involvement in child’s life, which leads them to hide every necessary information which the family is supposed to know.

In present scenario, things which are going to help our youngsters are:-

  • Healthy involvement of parents in developing rapport with their kids.
  • Having conversation where there is a room for all to speak their minds without being criticized and judged.
  • Having unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Correct the child with more information rather condemning.
  • Involve in healthy debate.
  • Speaking good about them and appraising them for doing anything good.
  • Letting your child overhear some good things about them.
  • Talking to them when they appear low.
  • Giving space and privacy to your kids.
  • Assure them that you’re there to listen to them.
  • Talk about your failure at young age.
  • Plan out realistic goals according to their interest.
  • Do not read and touch their personal diary or journal, respect their privacy.
  • Eat all your meals together if possible.
  • Don’t tell the child how much money you spend on them.
  • Keep disputes, fights, anger, negativity away from your growing kids.
  • Don’t label your child with negative comments, they start to believe them.
  • Try to give them positive feedback, it will boost their confidence.
  • Play, laugh, meditate, read, pray, exercise together.
  • House rules should be same for all.
  • Reach out to mental health professionals in case of emergency.

A single step ahead from your side can bring your kids more closer. Be patient with them, they need your love and support to overcome this period of storm and stress. All you need to do is to hold their hand in this journey and walk along. You’ll be proud of your parenthood.

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