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How is COVID-19 affecting private teachers?

by Pediabuzz
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It is a well known fact that whole world is suffering in one way or the other due to COVID -19. The lockdown for this pandemic has closed schools, colleges, other educational institutions and ushered in citywide online classrooms. A big number of teachers and students are glued to computers and smartphone screens.

It can be said that buildings are closed but schools are not closed. Teachers are still working hard to provide quality education to their students with the medium of online classes which poses a challenge to both students and teachers because of technology and access but all are trying to do their best and fight with hostile conditions.

Many educational institutions are deferring payment of fees of students suffering severe losses of income due to coronavirus lockdown. Of course, this is the time when severely affected parents cannot be compelled to pay the school fees.

The Prime Minister of India has appealed the organisation not to cut salaries or terminate employees in this difficult time. All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE), the statutory body and national – level council for technical education, has also issued guidelines for universities not to take fees from students who are unable to pay and give salaries to the teaching as well as non – teaching staff.

But now the question arises- If the institution does not have sufficient funds and students are not paying fees, then how managing body can provide salary to staff? Some parents may not be having financial crisis to pay the fees but some parents are taking not paying fees as an option. As a result, institutions are facing trouble in paying salaries to their staff members.

Teachers are leaving no stone unturned, so they deserve to be paid without any delay because they also have financial needs to foot the bills.

It is the time when those parents who can easily pay the fees must think about the fact and circumstances. If they are paying for food, health services and other services which they are receiving , they must also pay fees at least for the sake of teachers who are working hard to make their ward’s future bright. It is because of excessive endeavours of teachers that students can continuously engage in process of learning without pause. So, if parents can afford to pay the fees in this critical condition they must come forward to do the same.

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