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How to make online teaching more effective : Tips for Teachers

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Pandemic has brought changes not only in the life style and working criteria of people but also in education. Because of COVID – 19, schools and colleges are shut down to avoid gathering of students in big numbers. In schools and colleges, it becomes very difficult to maintain social distancing which can led to spread of virus. So, students are unable to go to school. It is needed to keep students away from school and college buildings but they can’t be kept away from books and learning process as it is going to be a huge loss for them. So, for the purpose of continuation of learning process, traditional method of learning is replaced by technology based e-Learning and real classrooms are replaced by virtual classrooms. It is a fact that it is a big challenge for teachers to do online teaching as some of the teachers do not have adequate knowledge regarding technology, although they may have very good knowledge about their subject and method of teaching.

Here are some points which a teacher must follow in order to make teaching more effective:

1. First and foremost, take proper training and knowledge regarding the running of application that you are going to use. It is very necessary to give impression to child that you are very smart in dealing with e-Learning apps.

2. Sit in a separate room. Make sure that students are able to see you and your board, nothing else. Maintain your privacy in front of students. Don’t let them see other things present in your room.

3. Although you may be with your family members but don’t allow anybody to disturb you. Concentrate on your class and students for the time you are teaching. You have to forget that you are at your home and feel as if you are with your students.

4. Although you are using new method of teaching but deliver lecture with full confidence.

5. Show topic related activities to students in order to enhance their interest.

6. Motivate students to be sincere in their studies. Because this is the time you cannot check them properly. So sincerity from their side is very important.

7. During the class, ask to students twice or thrice whether your voice and video is clear to them. This to make sure that there is no network issue from your side and students can see and listen you without any difficulty.

8. Ask students to dress up in their school uniform and show their video. Don’t allow them to hide their video. Otherwise they will be lazy and passive because they will feel that nobody is looking at them. When they will be knowing that any time teacher can see ,they will be attentive.

9. Students may be having new reasons for not following your instructions but try to find out whether their problem is genuine or they are simply giving excuses.

10. Allow students to interact. Put up questions and give them chance to speak. This will make them active and alert.

11. Make groups, assign a topic and ask students to discuss on that particular topic with their team members. By this, students will find themselves special and active member of classroom meeting.

12. Mute all students and ask them to unmute themselves only when you allow them to speak. Otherwise they will create unnecessary noise.

13. Remind students again and again to be on time. Because now they have one reason of being late that is their network. But still you have to nag them so that they avoid being late due to unnecessary reasons.

14. Give homework regularly and ask them to show their homework to you next day.

15. Do not forget to appreciate the students as it will motivate them as well as other students.

16. At least once in a week, allow students to tell their problems and share their experience of e-Learning.

17. Students may be thinking that teacher is not physically present so nothing will happen if they are not regular in completing their work. Remind them that hopefully they will come to school one day in this academic year and they may face the consequences of not completing their work.

18. Communicate with parents regularly. There may be some parents who do not have adequate knowledge of e-Learning app. Children can make fool of them by taking mobile phones from them in the name of studies and can do other activities which can distract them. For example: Playing online games, watching movies etc. Let parents know time table of students and guide parents also to check their wards.

19. Take feedback from the students.

20. Dress up smartly. This will boost up your confidence. Don’t think that you are at home so you need not to dress up in a proper way.

21. Convey your problems to management and request for a change if it is necessary.

22. It is very important to organize virtual parent teacher meeting.

23. This is the time when interference from the side of parents will be more as they may be listening you along with the child. But you have to deal with them calmly and confidently.

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