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Special care of face during winters

by Pediabuzz
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Face should always look glossy and shiny during every season. As the atmospheric conditions changes with time so the care that should be given to skin also changes with time. During winter air becomes dry and cold due to that moisture of face gets evaporated and skin becomes dry. Many changes comes in skin that are

  • Skin becomes rough
  • Skin becomes tight
  • Redness appears on skin
  • Cracks appears on skin
  • Peeling of skin
  • Appearance of dry dead layer of skin
  • Skin looses it’s shine
  • Skin becomes dull

All these problems are due to changes in atmospheric conditions as well as lifestyle of people that is adopted in winters. People focus on the ways to protect themselves from cold but they must not forget that some of the ways mays be harmful for their skin.

Here are some tips to be followed to make skin look beautiful and shinny during winters.

  1.  Don’t use too hot water on face. In order to protect the themselves from cold people use hot water. But the use of hot water must be completely avoided. To wash face water must be lukewarm. Too hot water makes skin dry and cause irritation in skin.
  2. Avoid   too much direct exposure of sunlight during winters. People prefer to take sunbath during winters. But during sunbath whole body is covered with clothes but face is direct exposed to sunlight. Sunlight is good for face as it improves the blood circulation , can cure acne also but if the skin of face is exposed much to sunlight it can cause skin irritation, pigmentation, black spots, sunburn and redness. During summers people avoid exposure to sunlight but during winters sunbath is favorite and leisure activity of people. While taking the heat of sun  in cold weather, they forget that  face skin can be harmed by sunlight. Sunlight should be taken but too much exposure to sunlight is not good and cause harm to skin.
  3. Due to dry air skin looses moisture. So care must be taken that skin should retain moisture. Best way is to visit the dermatologist and  you can get the recommendations according to your skin types. Different people have different skin types, color and sensitivity. Same type of moisturizer cannot be suitable for all .So most important is the choice of moisturizer. If you are not able to visit dermatologist you can use some natural moisturizer like honey, aloe vera, yoghurt, coconut oil. Natural moisturizer are best because they don’t have any side effects and they are available in easily and original form.
  4. Along with the choice of moisturizer it is also important to decide number of times you have to apply moisturizer on your face. It is necessary to apply moisturizer in morning after taking bath. After taking bath skin becomes dry and peeling starts, so after bathing you should apply moisturizer. Moreover before sleep you can wash your face and apply moisturize so that skin can retain moisture. If you feel the need, you can apply moisturizer in between also but it should not be more than three times. If you are facing skin problem even after applying moisturizer thrice a day you should consult dermatologist.
  5. It is not advisable to wash face again and again because if you wash face again and again more moisture will be absorbed from the face that can cause more problems. Also avoid bathing for long hours.
  6. You have to pay attention on exfoliation of skin. As in winters dryness cause appearance of dead cells of skin so exfoliation becomes necessity. You can use exfoliation brush or exfoliation sponge. Natural scrubber are also good for exfoliation.
  7. Drinking lot of water is very necessary during winters. Generally the intake of water becomes less during winters but it should be 8 glasses per day as water removes toxins from the skin so it makes skin more radiating.
  8. You have to be conscious about food intake. Intake of healthy food is necessary. Beta carotene present in carrot protect the skin from radiation. Vitamin C present in carrot gives skin a healthy effect. Potassium present in carrot keeps skin hydrated. Beetroot is also good for face during winters as it is blood purifier and good source of vitamin C.

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