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Top 20 amazing tips to reduce weight during Summers

by Dt. Ayesha
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Tips to reduce weight during summers :

These amazing tips to reduce weight during summers will help you a lot if you want to loose weight during these summers. It is quite easy to lose weight in summers as compared to winters. Food gets digested slowly in hot weather and one can feel full for longer period of time, thus you can reduce intake of food. Body becomes more active in summers and you can do morning workout easily. Sweating also increases in summer. Moreover there is less craving for oily food, instead of that one want to eat juicy and healthy food. Here are some tips to make weight loss more easy.

1.Drink a glass of water after waking up in morning :

Drinking water in morning help in creation of new blood and muscle cells, thus it is very helpful in reducing weight in summers along with removing the toxins from blood.

2.Summer vegetable :

Vegetables like cucumber, bottle gourd, eggplant  are all foods that are very healthy and can help in reducing weight during summers. These vegetables are very hydrating and can be cooked with very little oil thus can be a great summer meal.

3.Do not skip breakfast :

Eating healthy breakfast regularly can help you in reducing weight during summers. You can have eggs, oats, berries, chia seeds etc in your breakfast.

4.Morning workout is very necessary :

One of the most important factor that help in reducing weight  in summers is morning workout. In summers sun rises early and you can easily go out as body is more active in summers. You can have exercise at gym or at your home, you can run, you can jog and if you find all these  difficult you can have at least morning walk to reduce weight.

5.Add summer melons to your diet :

Watermelons and muskmelons are easily available in  summers. Melons are  delicious thirst quenchers and  low in calories. You can feel full without intake of much calories ,thus melons are great for your summer weight loss plan.

6. Eat More Probiotics :

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast which improve digestive system and aid in reducing weight. Yogurt  is one  of the best source of probiotics and one of the favorite food of people during summers.

7.Have a sound sleep :

Lack of sleep can disturb metabolism and can lead to increase in weight. Moreover it can increase levels of ghrelin, which is a hunger hormone, thus your appetite will increase and your calorie intake will also increase, making it difficult to lose weight. Thus proper sleep is essential for weight loss.

8.Be calm and relax :

Now everybody has to fight with stress because stress can put lot of effect on your body, including weight gain. So it is valid to keep your mind calm and relax.

9.Drink lot  of water in a day :

Drinking water suppress appetite and stimulate metabolism. You can reduce your calorie intake by drinking water contains no calories, so it can be substitute for sweetened tea or coffee in summers. Water is needed for the process of lipolysis, a process of burning fat by body for energy.

10.Fruits are very helpful :

Craving for fruits is more in summers. You can have fruits like apple, kiwifruit, grapefruit in your dinner, breakfast as well as snacks for reducing weight in summers. Grapefruit is low in calories and contains vitamin A and C. Apples are low in calories and rich in fiber, thus aids in weight loss. Kiwifruit are very nutritious having high fiber and low calorie content.

11.Enjoy summer drinks :

Summer drinks like lemon water, coconut water, cucumber detox water, orange juice, grapefruit juice tastes awesome in summers and help in reducing weight during summers. Lemon juice burns calories and keep the body hydrated to increase metabolic rate. Other drinks like coconut water, orange juice, grapefruit juice can fill your stomach with less calorie content.

12.Eat spicy :

Capsaicin is a compound that gives chili pepper heat and increases metabolism, thus help in reducing weight. Spicy food trigger the feeling of fullness, which reduces calorie intake and help in reducing weight.

13.Skip sugary beverages :

Sugary beverages are source of high calories and no nutrients as they contain added sugar and other sweeteners. Thus drinks like cola, fruit punch, soda must be completely avoided.

14.Have dinner three hours before going to bed :

Going for sleep just after having dinner is very unhealthy and troubling habit. Two to three hours gap between dinner and going to bed is needed for digestion and burning calories. Thus it helps in reducing weight and digesting the food properly.

15.Walk after dinner:

Post-meal walk is needed to burn the calories, which you have taken. If you do not walk after taking meal and do activities like sitting, sleeping etc, your food will not be digested properly and you will also gain weight quickly. It is easy to walk in summers as compared to winters having cold weather.


Due to increase in temperature, you will prefer spending less time in kitchen. One solution for the problem of temperature and increased weight is salad. Vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes etc. can reduce your calorie intake and help you in reducing weight during summers.

17.Morning sunlight:

Exposure to sun between 8:00 A.M. and noon can result in high fat burning and you can also get healthy dose of vitamin D.

18.Green Tea:

Green tea is a refreshing drink in summers and very good for weight loss. Green tea activates good fat and reduces belly fat. Green tea contains catechin flavonoid. Flavonoid is an antioxidant and boosts metabolism. Drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea helps a lot is reducing weight.


Swimming is one of favorite   activity of people during summers. It is one of the best work out along with keeping your body cool. Swimming can make you burn your calories in interesting and enjoyable way.

20.Longer days are advantageous:

During winters days are shorter and more time is spent in sleep. In summers days are longer and you can get more time for physical activities. In summers ,you are ample time between waking up and going to your work or study place, that time can be utilized in walking, jogging, exercise or any other fat burning activity.

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