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Top 25 amazing examination tips for Students

by Pediabuzz
examination tips for students
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Examination time is most difficult time for students as they have to manage a lot of  along with pressure. They have to study hard not only for gaining knowledge but also to get good marks. Moreover some students study hard to get good ranks and to beat their competitors.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult for students to manage everything in proper way as it is that will decide that how much hard work and focus on studies they have done in a year. These examination tips for students will help them to score good marks and better scores.

Below are the examination tips for Students :

1.Make time table and follow it : Moving without following a right path is way of moving of animals. You must set a time table and you have to decide, how much time you are going to give to studies and in that also you have to decide how much time you have to give a particular subject. Some subjects  need more time and some subjects like mathematics need regular study. It is not enough to set the time table, you must not be lazy in following the time table.

2.Be regular in your studies and start preparation early : Do not wait for last few days before exams. Some students think that they can cover everything in just last night, but it fantasy. No miracle is going to happen on exam day, you have study regularly from the first day of the academic year and you should start preparation of exams early.

3.Eat healthy diet : Healthy diet in mandatory for good health and more energy. Avoid eating unhealthy foods avoid unnatural sleepiness, fatigue or sickness. Eating nuts can help in retaining better concentration and memory. Limit your caffeinated drinks.

4.Drink lot of water :Drink lot of water to keep the body  hydrated because remaining hydrated is vital as adds to your overall positive mood.

5.Do not forget to exercise :Healthy body is necessary for healthy mind. Exercise helps to oxygenate the brain and thus exercise release tension and that can help you to stay calm and relax and thus you can study more efficiently.

6.Give proper time to sleep : Sleep play very important role in various aspects of brain function. Good sleep enhance memory and concentration power. Good sleep is vital for sound mind and sound body. Moreover when you sleep, you give a break and rest to your mind and body. Do not try to replace your sleep hours with study hours because you may be thinking that you will be getting more time to study but the fact is that you will decrease your concentration power if you do so. So take proper sleep after studying for hours.

7.Meditate regularly :Meditation give relaxation to mind and body. Meditation improves concentration power and behavior of student. It also lowers cortisol level and improve the ability of body to manage stress.

8.Put more focus on the subject which you find difficult : Do not be afraid that you will not be able to get good marks in a particular subject as you do not like subject or you find that subject very difficult to understand. Do not try to run away, fight the battle. Give more time to subject which you find most difficult because if you work hard and give more time you will be able to learn it in better way.

9.Self discipline is best discipline : Self discipline allows you to stay more focused on your goal and  in your own control. Self discipline is mandatory for following your study time table.

10.Wake up early in the morning : Brain of students are sharpest in the morning, refreshing sleep. It is the time when you have more energy and fresh mind to study. Thus studying in morning can help you to learn and understand concepts easily.

11.Take breaks regularly :Regular breaks are very important  for the brain to regain its focus. Long-term retention of knowledge is not possible . Human brain function in best way when it is given breaks periodically. Researchers have proven that studying for short intervals and taking regular breaks is more efficient method rather than studying for long hours without breaks.

12.Give some time to fun :Giving a little time to fun is very important as it makes mind relax and calm, thus you will be able to learn in better way with fresh mind.

13.Sit and study in comfortable environment : You will be able to focus and study in best way when you are in a pleasant and comfortable environment. Find the spot , where there is better light, fresh air and is silent. Spaces with least distraction are the most suitable  for studying.
Turn off the mobile phone while studying. Some students prefer sitting on a chair and reading on the table, some may prefer to lie down or walk holding the book while studying. Find out the best method and space that suits best and organize accordingly.

14.Group study is also beneficial :Group study make the process of learning and understanding easier and better as you come to know about the ideas of others also. You can clear your doubts among each other and it will enhance your knowledge.

15.Make brief notes :Making brief notes while studying help you to recall, as it increases recall capacity of brain and you can  remember what you have already studied by improving the flow of our study process.

16.Do not cram, make your concepts clear : Cramming decreases the quality of learning as you can  forget what you have studied .Moreover it is vital to understand the concepts rather than cramming. If you try to understand the concept, you will learn it, remember it and you will find it interesting.

17.Do not loose confidence : You have to be confident enough because those who loose confidence, loose their capability to study and get good marks. You can get confidence if you are thorough and regular in your studies.

18.Listen motivational speech :Motivational speech sometimes play very important role as you can get inspiration to do more hard work and increases your will power. Thus you can focus on your goal and can achieve better. There is capability in everyone ,motivational speeches can polish that capability.

19.Do not competed with others : Although you are giving your academic exams but make sure that your competition is with yourself only, not with others and try to give your best.

20.Set your daily goals :Set your daily goals and you have to make sure that you achieve these goals daily. Small achievements gives rise to bigger ones. Daily you decide that you have to cover a particular number of topic in each subject.

21.Manage stress :If you are taking a lot of stress, you will decrease your ability. It is necessary to give proper time to fun and rest also to manage stress. Do not take studies as burden, built your interest in studies and keep your mind relax.

22.Do not hesitate to ask : If you are facing difficulty in any subject or in any topic you can ask it from your teachers. Do not think that teacher will find your doubt silly, sometimes small doubts makes learning very difficult.

23.Take help of others : If you find that your classmates, friends, parents or siblings have good knowledge of a particular subject, take help from them.

24.Read previous year question papers : Reading and solving previous years question papers help you to know what kind of questions will be coming in exams. Moreover if you solve the question papers after complete preparation, you will be able to analyze, how much you have studied and how much you need to improve.

25.Revision is necessary : Revision is mandatory, you must start revision one week or fifteen days before exams, as it will make your concepts strong and you will help you to remember easily. Moreover it will boost your confidence.

So these examination tips for Students are very helpful in managing stress , pressure and maintaining their good scores.  You can also check , how a mother can help her children in lockdown and manage their schedule.

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