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What precautions should mother of new born baby take to protect child from coronavirus?

by Dr. Huma Naz
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Adults can take precautions of washing their hands again and again, using sanitizer and maintaining the social distance. But a new born baby is not capable of doing so.

Thus, the responsibility of protecting the baby from coronavirus lies completely in the hands of baby’s mother. She should be more active as she has to take care of herself as well as her baby to ensure protection from coronavirus .If she gets infected, chances of transmission to baby are maximum.

Of course, baby is staying at home but family members are not doing so. It is generally seen that they come in close contact with babies- cradle, hold or kiss them. And these activities can be dangerous for new born in this difficult time of spread of coronavirus.

So, mother should take following precautions and yes, these must not be taken with grain of salt:-

  • Mother should herself maintain safe distance from other members of the family and ask them to maintain distance from baby also, especially those members who go out for any reason.
  • If it becomes necessary for any other family member to cradle or hold baby, mother must ask them to first take shower, change clothes and sanitize hands and then only they must be asked to do so.
  • Mother should wash her hands carefully before touching accessories of her and baby.
  • Baby must be allowed to rest in cradle. Touching baby without any reason must be avoided.
  • Mother must be very careful at the time of breastfeeding. She must first wash her hands before touching baby and pump. She should wear mask at the time of breastfeeding.
  • Mother must always use tissue paper at the time of sneezing and coughing.
  • Sanitization of home must be done regularly.
  • If mother or child is having any health issue, it is necessary to seek medical attention without any delay.
  • Mother must pay attention on her diet. She must take immunity booster and energy giving food.


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